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Here is an overview of Coronado listings and sales shown over the last three years. This graph shows the number of For Sale homes/Listings (light green) in comparison to the Sold homes (dark green). With each bar representing one month, we can easily see that the number of homes for sale has declined while the number of homes selling has increased.

In the past two quarters, Coronado has averaged 5 months of inventory; an indication of a healthy real estate market as the ideal is to have 3 to 6 months of inventory. This is good news for sellers as homes are selling faster (80 days on average) and with inventory stabilized, homes are selling for closer to asking price in 2013 than in the previous years. In 2013, homes have been selling in the 90 percentile of what the original asking price was, whereas they had been selling in the 80 percentile in the years prior.

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